2016 Salvation Army Kettle Drive

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The Salvation Army thanks each person or company who contributed to the 2016 Salvation Army Kettle Drive. Money from the kettles is used to help those in need in our community. The Hampton Rotary Club is pleased to announce that it has raised over $17,000.00 for the Salvation Army in 2016! A special thanks to Robert F. Shuford for organizing this year’s giving. A special thanks also goes to Jack Pope for heading up the Kettle Drive. 

Our Rotary has raised a total of $188,815 or $190,766, which includes $1500.00 from Old Point National Bank & $451.00 from the OPNB kettle since we started this project in 2005. This does not include money collected in the kettles. The Hampton Rotary Club can be very proud of our support to the Salvation Army. 

The following Rotarians donated a total of $15,075 during the 2016 Holidays:

Charles Amory, Jr.
William Andrews, III
Will Andrews, IV
Wallace Arnold
William Beach
Billy Byrd
Whiting Chisman
Jimmy Eason
Russell S. Evans, Jr.
Rick W. Harman
Bob Harper
Robert Holmes, Jr.
John C. Ishon
Gene Jordan
Robert Kleinhample

Brian McMahon
James Phillips, Jr.
Trudy O'Reilly
Jack C. Pope
Robert Shuford
Ruth H. Simmons
Robert H. Smith
Joe H. Spencer
Kevin Steele
Frederick C. Turner
Jesse Wallace
Jesse Wilkins
A.G. Womble
Lewis Wood
Old Point National Bank & Kettle