What Is The Paul Harris Fellow Award?

Undoubtedly the most important step to promote voluntary giving to The Rotary Foundation occurred in 1957, when the idea of Paul Harris Fellow recognition was first proposed. Although the concept of making US$1,000 gifts to the Foundation was slow in developing, by the early 1970s it began to gain popularity.

rotary-awardThe distinctive Paul Harris Fellow medallion, lapel pin and attractive certificate have become highly respected symbols of a substantial financial commitment to The Rotary Foundation by Rotarians and friends around the world. The companion to the Paul Harris Fellow is the Paul Harris Sustaining Member, which is the recognition presented to an individual who has given, or in whose honor a gift is made, a contribution of US$100, with the stated intention of making additional contributions until US$1,000 is reached. At that time the Paul Harris Sustaining Member becomes a Paul Harris Fellow.

By 1998 more than 625,000 Paul Harris Fellows and 215,000 Sustaining Members had been added to the rolls of The Rotary Foundation. A special recognition pin is given to Paul Harris Fellows who make additional gifts of US$1,000 to the Foundation. The distinctive gold pin includes a blue stone to represent each US$1,000 contribution up to a total of US$5,000 in additional gifts. Red stone pins signify gifts of US$7,000 to US$9,000. A Diamond Circle pin is given to donors for major gifts in excess of US$10,000. Paul Harris Fellow recognition provides a very important incentive for the continuing support needed to underwrite the many programs of The Rotary Foundation that build goodwill and understanding in the world.

Paul Harris Fellows of the Hampton Rotary Club

George B. Colonna *
Francis W. Jones *

Capt. John R. Lawson *

Ernest L. Clarke *
Dr. Wade L. Traynham *

Thomas P. Chisman *
Dr. Oscar W. Ward, Jr.

E. Frank Riggins *

John P. Bowen *
George C. Abbott, Sr. *
H. Clyde Smith *

Harold G. Jackson
Dr. Oscar W. Ward, Sr. *

Reuben Cohen *
William M. Files *
Eugene M. Jordan
Walter J. Shirkley *
Luther E. Simmons, Sr. *

Francis X. Maida *
Robert F. Shuford
Dr. William H. Traynham, Jr. *

Lee D. Parker
John E. Sim
Robert H. Smith, II

J. W. Whiting Chisman, Jr.
Shirley S. Hogge *
A. Woodfin Patrick, Jr. *

William C. Andrews, III
Dr. Chester L. Fisher, Jr.
Powhatan R. Moore, Jr. *
L. Earold Simmons, Jr. *

Richard M. Bagley *
James L.Eason
John Benjamin Graham, Jr.

* deceased

Hunter Booker Andrews *
Steven G. Jackson
Penelope Lee Whitley Ward *

Earl Edward Griffith
John Cabot Ishon
Irving Earl Lawson, Jr.

Wesley R. Cofer, Jr. *
A. Woodfin Patrick, Sr. *
Edward R. Szetela
Browning C. Wharton, Jr.

Russell S. Evans, Jr.
Bronson L. Parker
Allen Virgil Winslow

Rodney B. Gentry
S. Frear Hawkins, II
Lewis C. Parsons, Jr.

James Diggs Ashley
Mrs. Sandra Perry Pickin *
Joseph Henry Spencer, II
Carlisle Leslie Tiller, Jr. *
Lawrence Barron Wood, Jr.
Douglas Wray Wornom

Mrs. Catherine Austin Ward
Matthew Chalmers Armstrong *
James Van Allen Bickford *
Richard Marshall Booker, Jr. *
Rev. Edwin Royall Carter *
Samuel Smith Coston *
Nelson Smith Groome *
Harry Howard Holt *
Harry Rutherford Houston *
Dr. Harry Dresser Howe *
Charles S. Kaufman *
John Browne Kimberly *
Mozart Otto Lackey *
Howard Watkins Saunders *
Charles Thomas Taylor *
Samuel J. Watson, Jr. *
John Weymouth *
John S. Wyatt *

I. Neill McInnis, Jr.
Robert Alan Wright *

Richard Franklin Clark
Jerry Joseph Thibodeaux
Thomas T. Thompson

Paul Rutherford Bickford, Jr.
Frederick Luther Riggins *
George Ernest Wallace, Jr.

J. W. Whiting Chisman, Jr. (Level Two)
Eugene M. Jordan, II
Robert W. Nunn
S. Wallace Stieffen

Charles R. Amory, Jr.
Gregory F. Lawson
Timothy B. Smith
Edward C. Abbott *

Nancy Davenport Ennis
Francis W. Jones (Level Two) *
Donald H. Merritt *
A. Woodfin Patrick (Level Two) *
Jesse B. Wilkins, Jr.

Wallace C. Arnold
Gwendolyn Amory Cumming
S. William Rhode
Ann Darling Tormey
James H. Tormey
F. Lewis Wood

Robert James Field
Anna Van Buren McNider
Lani Chisman Davis
Major Albert Ralph Masters *
The Honorable Hunter B. Andrews (Level Two) *
Dewey Edward Wornom
Paul Rutherford Bickford, Jr. (Level Two)
The Honorable Wilford Taylor, Jr.
Col (Ret) I. Neill McInnis, Jr. (Level Two)

2015 Paul Harris Fellow Awardees


Mr. William C. Andrews, IVMr. William C. Andrews, IV

john-gatelyMr. John Gately

michael-a-monteithMr. Michael A. Monteith
 dr-linda-m-shiffletteDr. Linda M. Shifflette

frederick-c-turner-jrFrederick C. Turner Jr.